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Vacacione? Viaje a Brasil

El paquete “Brasil Clássico 1” es perfecto sí quiere conocer a los destinos más tradicionales de Brasil y a sus atracciones más espectaculares. Irá visitar a los principales puntos de Rio de Janeiro, a las inmensas cataratas de Foz del Iguazu, a la fauna y flora de la Selva Amazónica, a la historia de la antigua ciudad colonial de Salvador de Bahía. La duración del viaje es de dos semanas (más el tiempo de vuelo entre Brasil y su país de origen).


PARADA 1 - Servicios en Foz del Iguazu:
* Traslados en Iguazu (Aeropuerto/Hotel/Aeropuerto);
* 03 noches de alojamiento en el hotel de categoría de su elección;
* Hospedaje, desayuno & tasas obligatorias incluidas;
* Día completo de tour por las cataratas, en Argentina (incl entrada parque);
* Almuerzo en el restaurante “La Selva” en el parque, en Argentina;
Día siguiente, visita a las cataratas en Brasil (incl entrada parque);
* Almuerzo en el restaurante “Porto Canoas” al lado de los saltos, en Brasil;
NOTA: Servicios Opcionales: Safari en Macuco Boat, Itaipu Dam, etc.

PARADA 2 - Servicios en la Selva Amazónica:
* Traslado en Manaus (Aeropuerto/Hotel/Aeropuerto);
* 01 noche en Manaus (
la 1:a noche), en el de categoría de su elección*;
* Hospedaje, desayuno & tasas obligatorias incluidas;
*OBS: Hotel de categoría ”PRIMERA CLASE” ofrece SÒLO 3 noches en la selva & NO en Manaus.
* Traslados en barco/coche (puerto de Manaus/alojamiento Selva / Manaus);
* 02 noches* de alojamiento en el hotel elegido en Selva, pensión completa;
* Visita al fenomenal “Encuentro de las Aguas”, donde se forma el Río Amazonas;
* 02 ó 03 actividades al día (según la programación diaria de cada hotel), solicitud de los paseos desde el hotel. Actividades generales: senderos por la selva, pesca de piranhas, visita nocturna a los cocodrilos, paseos en barco por los pantanos y visita a los "Caboclos" (gente nativa).

PARADA 3 - Servicios en Salvador, Bahia:
* Traslados en Salvador (Aeropuerto/Hotel/Aeropuerto);
* 02 noches de alojamiento en el hotel de categoría de su elección;
* Hospedaje, desayuno & tasas obligatorias incluidas;
* Cena con espectáculo Folclórico en el restaurante “Solar da União”;
* City-tour de medio día por la parte histórica de Salvador.

PARADA 4 - Servicios en Rio de Janeiro:
* Bilingual reception & Transfers (Rio airport / hotel / airport);
* 03 noches de alojamiento en el hotel de categoría de su elección;
* Hospedaje, desayuno & tasas obligatorias incluidas;
* City-tour de día entero en Rio de Janeiro, incluyendo tickets de entrada y comida en restaurante brasileño de barbacoa - “Churrascaria” (sin bebidas).
* Cena con espectáculo Folclórico en “Plataforma” (sin bebidas);

* Día completo en las Islas Tropicales. Salida en bus desde Río a la villa de pescadores Itacuruca, de donde sale la escuna (barco) hacia el fabuloso archipiélago de Río de Janeiro y las Islas Tropicales. Durante el paseo hay tiempo libre para baño, buceo y tomar el sol. Es servido almuerzo (sin bebidas incluidas).


See the day-by-day program & hotel selection below:

DIA 1 - Arriving Brazil & Iguazu Falls

Upon arrival at the airport in Iguassu Falls, a bilingual guide will be waiting inside the terminal, showing a sign with your name. Transfer to the hotel and check-in. For the first night in Iguassu Falls we suggest a barbecue dinner with Latin American folkloric show (not included, but we can include this service). As Iguassu Falls is the Brazilian border with other two countries, Argentina and Paraguay, you will have the opportunity to get in contact with the music and dance of these other cultures as well.

DIA 2 - The biggest & most beautiful waterfalls on planet..!

After breakfast we will go to the Iguassu National Park and visit the waterfalls from the Brazilian side. From this side we will have the most beautiful panorama view of the falls, perfect for photos. There are several footbridges that take us to different places within the park; we will also be able to observe the wild life in the rain forest. By midday we will have lunch at the charming restaurant Porto Canoas, beside the falls. In the afternoon, we suggest an optional tour (not included), experience the best and most emotional tour, the “Macuco Safari Tour”. The tour starts by jeep through the rain forest until the edge of the river. Then go by boat in the direction of the falls, approaching them; it’s like a great rafting.

In the afternoon (it time left) we suggest go to the Itaipu dam (not included), the world’s biggest hydro electric power station. To have an idea of the size of the dam - they used a volume of reinforcing iron, that could build 320 Eiffel Towers and the wall is 200m high, equivalent a building of 65 floors. Instead of a visit to the dam, we also recommend a visit to the beautiful Tropical Bird Park (not included), where it’s possible to see many species of Brazilian birds. It is a very nice option, especially for families with children that will enjoy taking photos with parrots on your shoulder. The evening is set for free activities at the hotel, maybe a visit to the casino on the Argentinean side (not included).

DIA 3 - Visit of the waterfalls from the Argentinean side

After breakfast, a visit to the falls on the Argentinean side as well. During this visit, we will first take a small train to reach the delta of the river (above the falls) then we walk on footbridges to really come close the falls. We walk just behind the 2,7km wide and 80m high falls. The best spot might be at the “devils jaw”, where we look down into the deep jaw and get wet when the jaw “sneeze” waters 100m up in the sky. Before returning to the hotel on the Brazilian side, we have lunch at the restaurant “La Selva” within the Argentinean National Park. The evening is set for free activities.

DIA 4 - Iguassu Falls > Manaus (The Amazon)

Upon arrival at the airport in Manaus, a bilingual guide will be waiting inside the terminal, showing a sign with your name. Transfer to the hotel and check-in. The evening is set for free activities at chosen hotel in Manaus. For those that choose Hotel Tropical can enjoy the hotel resort’s infrastructure of leisure and there is normally a folkloric show at the hotel in the evenings (not included). NOTE: In the FIRST CLASS hotel selection, no stay in Manaus, we go straight to the Amazon Jungle.

DIA 5 - The Amazon Jungle
After breakfast and hotel check-out, time for a transfer to the Jungle Lodge. At about 08:00 a.m., we take the transfer from our hotel in Manaus to chosen jungle lodge, the transport is normally done partly by car and partly by regional boat, and on the way we will pass the interesting "Meeting of Waters" where the Amazon River forms. We will arrive to the lodge by midday, then reception with a welcome drink and check-in, followed by lunch. In the afternoon there will be a reconnaissance tour by canoe through the "igarapés" and "igapós" (flooded land areas). Return to the lodge enjoying a beautiful sunset and a dinner. At night it will be time for an exciting alligator spotting with flashlight along the riverbanks. (OBS: This tour/program can be slightly different depending on the Jungle Lodge you choose. The description is from the Acajatuba Jungle Lodge).
DIA 6 - The Amazon Jungle
This day we will wake up before the sunrise and make a tour to watch the bird life, followed by breakfast. After that, there will be a trekking in the jungle with explanations about the local fauna and flora, i.e. medicine plants. After lunch there will be a trip for fishing Piranhas (flesh eating fish). There will also be opportunity to swim in the warm waters of the river. Before returning to the lodge, we will also visit houses of “Caboclos” (native people). In the evening we may visit the lodge’s (Ref. Acajatuba) outlook and then enjoy a dinner in the restaurant.
DIA 7 - Amazon > Salvador da Bahia

After breakfast and Jungle Lodge check-out, time for a transfer back to Manaus and then to the airport. (The estimate duration of the flight to Salvador is 5 hours).

Upon arrival at the airport in Salvador, a bilingual guide will be waiting inside the terminal, showing a sign with your name. Transfer to the hotel and check-in. In the evening, we will have a dinner at the Restaurant “Solar da União”, situated in an old place where slaves lived. There they serve local and typical dishes. In this interesting atmosphere you will see a folkloric show. They will present “Orixás”, the main god from Salvador’s famous religion, “Candomblé”. Through the dances and music you will also know the god of “Yorubás” and its colorful clothes. The spectacle continues with music of some fishermen, and “Maculelê”, a war dance from Africa. Later they will show the famous “Capoeira”, kind of combat dance introduced by Brazilian slaves with origin from Africa. At the end of the show, they will also show traditional rhythms from Bahia, like “Axé” and Samba, and at the very end of the show, the spectators can also participate in the dances.

DIA 8 - Salvador

After breakfast, time for the Historical city tour in Salvador. The tour starts (not provided on Sundays) at the port of Barra, important mark of the foundation of the city. Then we go on passing the sites of: Ladeira da Barra, Church of St. Antônio da Barra, Square & Chruch of Vitória, Museum of Carlos da Costa Pinto, Square of Dois de Julho (Campo Grande), Theater of Castro Alves, Fort of São Pedro, Palace of Aclamação, Collage & Church of Nossa Senhora das Mercês, Church of Rosário, Chruch of Sao Pedro, Square of Castro Alves (the heart of the Carnival in Salvador), Street & Chruch of DÁjuda, Square of Sé, Terreiro de Jesus, Cathedral of Basílica, Churches of: Sao Pedro dos Clérigos, Ordem 3:a de Sao Francisco (visit), Square of Pelourinho, Church of N.S. Do Rosário dos Pretos, Ladeira do Carmo, Chruch of Santíssimo Sacramento, Ordem 3a do Carmo, Church & Museum of Carmo, and after all this we return to our hotel. Then time for lunch (not included). The afternoon and the evening are set for free activities.
DIA 9 - Salvador > Rio de Janeiro

After breakfast and Hotel check-out, time for a transfer to the airport. (The estimate duration of the flight to Rio de Janeiro is 2 hours).

Upon arrival at the airport in Rio de Janeiro, a bilingual guide will be waiting inside the terminal, showing a sign with your name. Transfer to the hotel and check-in. In the evening we will enjoy a dinner with folkloric show, Rio’s most traditional samba/carnival show - samba music with a dance show. Visitors get acquainted with the tropical rhythm of the local music, the dance steps and the beauty and exuberance of the Carnival customs.

DIA 10 - The classic view of Rio de Janeiro

After breakfast, time for a city tour in Rio de Janeiro. We will visit all of the city’s famous attraction, which is probably the main reason of your visit. The tour starts in the direction of the neighborhood of Cosume Velho, via the Lake Lagoa Rodrigo de Freitas and the Rebouças tunnel, where the travelers take a tram to go up the hill of Corcovado to visit the Christ Statue. (Note: Tram’s admission fee is included). Your stay on the top of the hill, beside the Christ Statue will take 40 – 60min, time enough to watch the spectacular view of the whole city, the Sugar Loaf, the Tijuca Forest, the sea, etc. After going down the Corcovado Mountain, the tour continues by bus to the neighborhood of São Conrado. There will be a fast stop at the Pepino`s beach, where the travelers can admire hang-gliders. Then time for lunch in a traditional Brazilian Grill Restaurant, “Churrascaria”, included.

After lunch the tour continues, passing famous attractions like: Sambódromo, Central Bank Building, Campo de Santana, fast stop at the Metropolitan Cathedral, Cinelândia with the Municipal Theatre, National Library, Legislative Assembly Building, Museum of beauty Arts, followed by Aterro do Flamengo with the eminence of the Monument of dead during the Second World War, the church of Outeiro da Glória, Monumento of Estácio de Sá and the Botafogo beach. Arriving the neigbourhood of Urca, the travelers take the first cableway up to the hill of Urca, then the second cableway to the hill of Sugar Loaf. (Note: The tour includes the admission fee). Up on the hill, the travelers have approximately one hour to enjoy the view of the marvelous city, the “Guanabara” bay, “Copacabana” beach, etc. The tour ends returning to the hotel. The evening is set for free activities. We recommend a walk at Copacaba beach.

DIA 11 - Enjoy a boat trip to the Tropical Islands
After the hotel breakfast, we go to the fisherman's village of Itacuruça, where we can enjoy a whole day of sun, beaches and green waters in the Sepetiba Bay. We board a schooner in the direction of Island of Jaguanum where the lunch is served (included), on the way a 30 minutes stop to take a swim. The evening is free.
DIA 12 - Last day in Brazil...!
After breakfast and Hotel check-out, time for a transfer to the airport.