Scuba Diving in Porto de Galinhas, Brazil

A Package of 6 days & 5 nights, includes:
* Transfer (Recife airport / Porto de Galinhas (hotel) / Recife airport)
* 5 nights of accommodation at chosen hotel below, incl. breakfast:
* Diving course for Open Water (Basic - PADI) 2days therory & 2 days diving

Note: If you already are a certified diver we arrange day trips as well, providing all necessary equipment. For beginners we provide tours "Discover Scuba Diving", diving with no previous experience - just for you to "taste" the beauty world..!


Besides some of Brazil’s exotic and beautiful islands and archipelagos, the main land’s coast between Recife and Maceio is considered as the most beautiful and best area for scuba diving. There are several spots for diving, but Porto de Galinhas might be one of the best, considering various factors. The access is easy from Recife Airport, about one hour by car, the village is very picturesque and charming with many cozy and good hotels & restaurants, and the region’s marine life is very beautiful and rich. The region is nick-named as “the Golden Coast” because of its warm and crystal clear, turquoise colored waters. The infrastructure is good for most divers, from the beginners (Discover Scuba Diving = Dives without any further experience, monitored by personal Dive Master), to Dive Courses for beginners and advanced divers, and dive tour for the more advanced divers, maybe to some sunk ship off shore. For those that don’t like scuba diving, then Porto de Galinhas is a paradise for those that love simple snorkeling. There are a lot of spots for snorkeling, maybe in one of many natural swimming pools, created by the coral reefs.