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Day by day Program - 4 nights & 5 days

Day 1) After the arrival to the port in the town of Angra dos Reis, we departure the ferryboat in the direction of the village of Vila Abraão on the Island of Ilha Grande, the tour takes about 1,5hour. After arriving the island, we walk to chosen accommodation. The rest of the day is set for free activities, but you may stroll around in the village’s commercial center.

Day 2) After breakfast, we depart a schooner (boat) about 10:30 and make a full day tour, visiting several beautiful points along the Island’s coast, places like; Lagoa Azul, Freguesia de Santana, Japariz, Enseada das Estrelas, Saco do Céu & the beach of Praia da Feiticeira. There will be served some tropical fruits and beverages on board, and we will make several stops with opportunities of playing in the water, snorkeling etc. We also stay on a beach having lunch, not included. Our return to the village is estimated to 17:00. The evening free.

Day 3) After our breakfast, the day is set to explore the Island. There are several options of trekking, where you may discover some of the island’s wild life, its beautiful views from some of many natural outlooks, take a shower in one waterfall, or visit the old prison. Another option could be to experience some scuba diving.

Day 4) After breakfast, we will experience another day of adventures on the beautiful island. Today we depart 10:30, a boat that takes us to one of Brazil’s most beautiful beaches, the beach of Lopes Mendes. On the way we will pass some beaches and islets, like; Praia do Abraãozinho, Ilha do Morcego, Enseada das Palmas, Praias de Mangues, Pousso and finally Lopes Mendes. But before we arrive the beach where we will spend our day, we have to make some trekking that may last 30min. Our return to the village is estimated to 16:30. The evening free.

Day 5) After breakfast, we make the check-out and walk to the Island’s port, and depart the ferryboat at 10:00. Our arrival in Angra dos Reis is estimated to 11:30.