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The Ruins of Jesuits of San Inácio

Full day Tour – History and Culture at the Jesuit Ruins of San Inácio. About 240 Km from Foz do Iguassu, on the Argentinean side, we find these interesting and beautiful ruins. Guarani-Indians and Jesuit priests formed these example communities, based on a peculiar social system. The ruins were built during 16th & 17th centuries, and were maintained until the colonizer from Portugal, Spain and Brazilian Bandeirantes reached the area. It is possible to visit of what was left from that period (1609 – 1767). Besides the ruins, there is an infrastructure of receiving tourists like; Museum, illustrative material, special local guides and a spectacle of a light show, illuminating the walls of the ruins. You will visit houses, schools, kitchen, and the plaza of “armas”, cemetery and a temple. There are also sales of local made handicrafts and typical souvenirs from the region. NOTE: As Packtours only arranges tours in Brazil, means this that we return to Foz do Igaussu, Brazil, in the same day, where the accommodation will be.