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Just below Iguazu Falls - The Best Tour in Iguazu

The trip starts at Macuco’s Track in the Iguassu National Park, towed by electric powered jeep, the visitors seat in a  trailer driven through the rain forest (3km), watching birds wild animals and exotic vegetation. The last part, before the river, is optional to do trekking (600m) in the rain forest, ending at the river edge where a special rubber boat  takes  the visitors upstream to the nearest possible under the thundering water walls. It is an unforgettable and emotional trip – the best in Foz..!

Distance from downtown: 21 KM
Duration: 1h45min
Time of the tour:Everyday, from 8h to17h30min (except on Mondays from13h to 17h30min)
Tips: We recommend including this tour when visiting the waterfalls on the Brazilian side.
Note: It is also possible to do rafting on the river at the same place - it's optional.

Trek do Macuco (1st step)
Trip of  3 Km, in a carrage behind a Jeep 4x 4 - Bilingual guides tell about the surrounding fauna and flora.

Trekking (Optional) (2nd step)

A trek of 600m who leads to Salto do Macuco, a small waterfall with 25m height, between millenial rocks.

Tour by boat (3rd step)

Going in the canyon on the river of "Rio Iguaçu", in boats with bi-motors. It is an emotional aventure going close to the water fall. The boat trip takes 25min.
Some advice: Clothing - wear with preference light and confortable clothes, wear a raincoat and/or bring one extra shirt because you will be wet during the tour. It is possible to buy rain coat (simple) at the place, and you can get insect repellent for free as well. Shoes you may use sneekers or similar.