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Iguazu Forest I & II - Off Road
Adventure in the Iguazu Rain Forest

1) During the tour “Iguazu Forest I” we will experience a 3-hours Jeep Safari (off-road) to a different place considering its geographic characteristic and localization. We will go within the Rainforest and National Park of Iguazu, and the park is strictly controlled by Argentinean officials to avoid its visitors abusing the nature. The palce is only 7km from the town of Puerto Iguazú, situated on the margin of river Rio Paraná. The distance to world’s most extraordinary waterfall is only 15km and it is here we find the region’s most interesting area for Eco Tourism.

This nature reserve is named the “green corridor” and has an area of 15.000 hectares, involving three national parks: In the West - Parque Nacional Iguazú Argentina, In the Northeast - Parque Nacional Foz do Iguaçu Brasil and in the North Parque Nacional Moisés Bertoni do Paraguai. The visitors can enjoy the plenitude of the Forest Selva Missioneira and its “Eco Tourism” attractions: 2.000 species of plants, the richness of avifauna with more than 400 species (i.e. Toucans, Boveros, Pássaros Carpinteiros, Hummingbirds, Urracas and others.

2) The suggestion is to add one extra hour (total of 4-hours) and then we can enjoy the more complete tour "Iguazu Forest II". Besides the Jeep Safari passing through the beautiful nature, we can also enjoy some radical sports like: Trekking, “Bird-Fly”, Tiroleza and Rappel. NOTE: physical exercises

RAPPEL: We descend on steep rock faces and stones between waterfalls and trees. From the top (starting point) the view is beautiful and to go down is an emotional and indescribable experience.

TREKKING: We walk through the beautiful Forest with its rich fauna & flora. We can hear the song from birds, observe colorful plants etc.

TIROLEZA or TIROLINA: It is a cable way to cross the ravines, a kind of cable car. We put some seatbelt and sit on a small chair and then we cross (one by one) the ravine, very emotional.

BIRDFLY: During this activity you feel like the “Bird-Man”, a man “flying” and climbing between the trees in jungle. Some parts are similar to Tiroleza, you go in a kind of cable car (a fixed cable trek) but you go between several trees instead. Each top of the trees are connected with each other by this cable, where you are able to run on the cable. Each tree has one kind of “station” a bridge made of wood, where you can rest. There are several different ways (exercises) to go (climb) from one "station" to another. Actually, it is a kind of steeplechase course in the trees. It is very funny & adrenaline provocative, and during your “flight”, you might be accompanied by a Toucan or some other bird. NOTE: It might be tiring and you should be prepared for physical exercises to do this. After the first or the second (etc) station/exercise, during this steeplechase course, you may stop and rest or interrupt the activity.