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Tour to the Waterfalls on the Brazilian side

The world´s biggest waterfall is located in the Iguazu National Park, on the border between Brazil and Argentina, the Iguazu falls, formed by the Iguazu River, are the planet’s biggest group of waterfalls. There are about 275 different falls with an average of 65m height, 4.800m width, and a volume of 1.500m3 of water per second. The biggest one is the “The devil's throat” with a height of 84m, which form reminds a big horseshoe.

Our tour starts after the pick-up at your hotel, and the guided tour goes in the direction of the National Park. Arriving there, tourists will get a local bus to go to the initial falls` outlook, right in front of the Hotel “Tropical das Cataratas”. From there, starts a 1.000m guided walk on footbridges through the Iguazu Rain Forest, overlooking the impressive waterfalls. To return to the main road, tourists can either take stairs or a panoramic elevator. The tour ends at Porto Canoas` mini center, where it’s possible to have lunch or buy some souvenirs.

Distance from downtown: 15 KM
Duration: Half day
Time of the tour: Everyday from 08:00h to 17:00h (Mondays from 13h to 17:00h)
Tips: Wear comfortable clothes and shoes. Take still water, a cap and, if possible, a raincoat.