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Rope Course / "Arvorismo" in Canion Iguassu

The Rope Course is divided into four areas of activities, the Low Elements, the High Elements, the Pamper Pole and the Indoor Wall Climbing. Each of the activities can be accomplished individually or in groups. Besides the amusement several abilities can be explored: # to challenge the participants to discover themselves and to increase ones expectations and to overcome their limits; # to exercise the capacity to solve problems in groups through simple and recreational activities; # to stimulate the making of decisions and developing trust among the participants, as well as to increase the organizational skills of the team, the work spirit in the group, and to improve self confidence; # to awaken and identify abilities for leadership and identification of work potentials; # to allow the participants to reflect and interact with nature.

Low elements: They are 11 challenges built out of eucalyptus logs, steel cables and ropes, with maximum height of 50 centimeters above the ground. They are recreational activities that integrate the participants with the environment. The main objective of the low elements is to develop group dynamics, and is suited for companies, schools, special groups and families.

Duration: Approximately 30 min.

Age: This activity is suited for people 5 years of age and up.

High elements: It is a sequence of 12 high adventures that reach a maximum height of 8 meters, distributed inside a circuit beneath the forest canopy, where the visitor will live a moment of action and interaction with the environment. The circuit ends with a zip line of 25 meters.

Duration: Approximately 40 min.

Age: This activity is suited for people 7 years of age and up.

Restriction: The High Elements requires the participant be at least 1,4 meters (55inches) in height, for the protection and safety of the individual.

Safety: For the safety of the participant a system has been developed where the visitor is attached to a steel cable at the beginning of the circuit. Specialized personnel are available to accompany the participant through the circuit. Besides this system, the visitor has obligatory individual safety equipment comprising of a helmet and harness supplied by the company. The safety equipment used follows the norms of UIAA – The International Mountaineering and Climbing Federation.

Pamper Pole: The visitor can also try out the "Cat Jump" also known as the “Pamper Pole”, an extra challenge, where the visitor has to jump from an eucalyptus to a trapezium 12 meters from the ground.

Duration: Approximately 10 min.

Age: This activity is suited for people 7 years of age and up.

Indoor Climbing:
Wall climbing within the Field of Challenges offers a sequence and a variety of obstacles to climb, with several degrees of difficulty. These range from the very easy to difficult, which allows the visitor to choose the place and level of difficulty they want to accomplish.
The wall has a height of seven meters and on the wall are fastened a variety of artificial hand and foot holds that simulate natural rock projections one would find on a real rock face. These vary in size from small to large. This wall is presented with various degrees of inclination, forming “roofs” which present several degrees of difficulty for the apprentice climber.
The wall can be used simultaneously by 6 people.

Duration: The climber should allow at least 20 minutes

Age: This activity is suited for people 5 years of age and up.

Includes: Safety Equipment composed of harness, helmet, rope and appropriate footware is provided. (The equipment follows the norms of the UIAA– International Mountaineering and Climbing Federation).

Clues: For these activities it is advisable to use light and comfortable clothes and comfortable footwear with non-slip soles.