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Rafting in Canion Iguassu Brazil

Rafting on the Iguassu River consists of going down by inflatable boats, a series of rapids for approximately 4 km, 2 km of faster rapids and 2 km of calmer waters where it is possible to swim in the river. You begin close the waterfalls with a magnificent view of the falls. The rapids are considered of medium level (class III+), suitable for people over 14 years of age.

Duration: The rafting takes about 2 hours. It leaves from the Field of Challenges and finishes in the center of Macuco Safari Park. This is divided into approximately 20 minutes of walking, 20 minutes for safety instructions, 10 minutes for procedures, 35 minutes going down the rapids and 30 minutes to arrive at the Center of Macuco Safari Park.

Age: This activity is only available for persons 14 years old or above. For persons between the ages of 14 and 17 it is necessary for them to have an authorization signed by a responsible person (parent, sibling over the age of 21, or legal guardian). The exemption of responsibility forms must be signed at the office beforehand. These forms must be taken by the person to the river and presented before boarding.

Important: Without the signed terms of responsibility persons between 14 and 17 years of age can not do the rafting.

Clues: To do rafting, we suggest light clothing that will get wet.

Vests: The vests use are specific for the rafting activities and they were developed based on America's Cup life jackets and have been upgraded by the addition of extra flotation material, for maximum protection.
Three sizes of vests are available (small, medium and large), regulated to a support capacity above 120Kg. (265 pounds)

Helmets: The helmets used are made of plastic injected with protection for the ears and have internal adjustments to adapt to the individual’s head.

Support boat: During the rafting a support ship always accompanies the rafters. It is a motorized boat with a pilot and an assistant, and is fully equipped with emergency equipment in the event of an unexpected event occurring.