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Abseiling / "Rappel" in Canion Iguassu

To accomplish the abseiling / rappel, the visitor it will proceed through a suspended trail inside of the forest with 360 meters to the rappel platform. From the platform to the riverbank, it is 55 meters with a marvelous view of the waterfalls. Before beginning the activity, all visitors receive information from specialized guides, who will review all the instructions and safety norms. The rappel can be accomplished simultaneously by two people.

Duration: This adventure takes about 35 minutes. Five minutes to reach the rappel area, through a trail of 360 meters, five minutes for safety instruction, five minutes for the rappel and twenty minutes to climb back up the top to return to the exit.

Ages: This activity is suited for people 7 years of age and up.

Includes: Individual safety equipment comprising a harness, helmet and rope. The equipment follows the norms of UIAA– International Mountaineering and Climbing Federation.

Clues: For this activity, we suggest light clothes and appropriate footwear, either tennis shoes or hiking boots.