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Recanto Ecológico Rio da Prata, Bonito

The Rio Prata River Tour starts with a one hour stroll (about 1.6 miles) in an interpretative trail along the fringe of the “Prata” river. In this course you will find the rich flora and if you are a little bit lucky maybe you can see wild animals as the mutum, the udu, the nail-monkey, etc. The snorkeling tour will start at the spring of “Olho d' Água” river, and will take about 90 minutes. There are a rich variety of fish in this river. Lunch (optional) is served at the local restaurant.

Distance from downtown: 51 KM (36, 5 KM off-road)
Duration: Half day
Time of the tour: To combine
Age: Entrance forbidden to children under 8
Tips: Take a swimming suit, a towel, extra clothes and sun protection. Snorkeling equipment and life jacket are provided.