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Rafting on the Rio Formoso River, Bonito

The Rafting Tour on the Rio Formoso River is a great adventure in rubber boats with total capacity of 12 people, through a 8 Km course of “Formoso” river, until the “Padre” Island, coming across 3 waterfalls and 2 rapid courses. At the rivers margin it is possible to see monkeys, birds and even big snakes, which in the winter come out from the water and go to the trees.

Distance from downtown: 12 KM
Duration: 2 hours
Time of the tour: To combine
Age: Entrance forbidden to children under 6
Tips: Wear a swimming suit under your clothes and take a towel, sun protection and a hat. Plastic protection for cameras provided. Life vest and helmet are provided.
Option: Night tour (only on full-moon nights).