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Visit the "Buracão das Araras", Bonito
A big hole in the ground which house Macaws
The tour to the Macaw’s Hole (Buraco das Araras); Trail along a round geological formation of 124m depth and 500m of diameter, named doline (a cave whose roof caved in). The place allows a panoramic view of its interior ecosystem, in which red macaws and other birds come back to theirs nets at the end of the afternoon.

Distance from downtown: 58 KM (37KM off-road)
Duration: 2 hours
Time of the tour: End of the afternoon
Age: All ages
Tips: It’s mandatory to wear tennis shoes. Besides, we suggest light and comfortable clothes for this kind of activity. Take still water, sun protection, a hat, insect repellent and a binocular. Use binoculars for a better view of the birds.
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