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Aquário Natural Baia Bonita, Bonito
The natural Aquarium is located in the Ecological Park “Baia Bonita". Before the tour stars, there is training in the swimming pool, to get comfortable with the snorkeling equipment. The tour is divided in two parts: a foot safari through the "Animal Trail", where many varieties of regional animals can be observed and the snorkeling tour on the crystal clear water of the "Baia Bonita" river, where “Formosinho” river starts its course. You will be in touch with a fascinating flora and fauna. The tour ends with a visit to the local museum with some interesting objects. Back to the reception, you can have lunch at the local restaurant and relax at the heated swimming pool.

Distance from downtown: 8 KM (5, 5 KM off-road)
Duration: Half day
Time of the tour: To combine
Age: Entrance forbidden to children under 5
Tips: Take a swimming suit, a towel, extra clothes and sun protection. Snorkeling equipment and life jacket are provided