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Tour to Abismo Anhumas - Brazil

The tour to the Abismo Anhumas, the necessary abseiling techniques are learned the day before the tour with specialized instructors, trained to guarantee the safety of the operation. The excitement of this tour begins with a rappel of 72 meters inside the cavern, toward an immense inside lake with crystal clear water.

The wonder of the abyss is attributed to the diversity of its formations, both in and out of the water. You will float among formations of more than 10 meters high, giving the impression that you floating through a submerged city. It will be a surreal experience! It is also possible to dive in this cave but divers need to obtain a cave diving license and book the dive in advanced. The limit is 4 divers a day!

Distance from downtown: 23 KM
Duration: Half day
Time of the tour: To combine
Age: Entrance forbidden to children under 13.
Tips: We suggest wearing long sleeves, trousers, a comfortable coat and a boot or tennis shoes with long socks for this activity. It’s cold inside the cavern! Take still water, a sandwich, a fruit or a chocolate with you. Also take a camera with flash and film of ace 400 or more.