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São Luis > Lençois Maranheses > Ilha do Cajú > Jericoacoara > Fortaleza in One Week..!

The Package of 8 days & 7 nights includes:
* Air Transport (São Luis/Barreirinhas)
* Accommodation with breakfast, at mentioned guest houses:
# "Hotel" Pousada Buriti, Barreirinhas, (1 night)
# "Hotel" Pousada Porto Buriti, Caburé, (1 night)
# "Hotel" Casa do Vaquerio, Ilha do Cajú, (2 nights)
# "Hotel" Pousada Wind Serrote, Jericoacoara, (3 nights)
* Tours/Activities as shown in the Itinerary below:
* "Jeep" transport (Toyota 4x4) Caburé/Camaubeira
* Boat transports: Camaubeira/Ilha do Cajú/Parnaíba
* "Jeep" transport (Toyota 4x4) Parnaíba/Jericoacoara
>>> Consult package prices according to your needs & desires <<<
Accommodation Place Standard Meal Stay Price
Pousada Buriti Barreirinhas Tourist Breakfast 01 night


Porto Buriti Caburé Tourist Breakfast 01 night
Casa do Vaquerio Ilha do Cajú Charme Breakfast 02 nights
Wind Praia Jericoacoara Tourist Breakfast 03 nights

All information in this page is subject to alteration without previous notice. Remember that availability and prices will only be guaranteed in the confirmation of a requested booking.
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NOTE: Departures on Mondays:

Day 1 – After having breakfast at our hotel in Sao Luis, we will take a short flight from the city into the National Park of Lencois Maranheses. This is unique experience that doesn’t exists anywhere in the world, flying above a sand desert with blue-green colored small lakes between each sand dune as far as one can see. After landing at the park’s entrance town, Barreirinhas, we do check-in at a guest house. Then we will return to the park, this time by Jeep. Now we will visit some of the lakes; Lagoa Azul & Lagoa Bonita, considered to be some of the most beautiful in the park. Here we will have time to walk around and take a swim in the clear warm water. Accommodation in Barreinhas including breakfast.

Day 2 – After breakfast, we will go from Barreirinhas by a small motor boat on the river Rio Preguiça, passing fishermen villages like; Alazão, Vassouras, Mandacaru and Caburé with is situated at the river month. In Caburé we will stay in a simple, rustic but nice guest house. (Breakfast included). Here you will feel the nearness to the sea.

Day 3 – After breakfast, time to continue, this time by Toyota (4x4). This adventurous tour takes approximately 4 hours, passing beaches, rivers, lakes, sand dunes, etc before arriving the village of Carnaubeira. From there we will go by boat (1h30) through the Delta of River Parnaíba, to the Island of Ilha do Cajú. Accommodation on the island, incl breakfast.

Day 4 – One day for free chosen activities, provided on the island of Ilha do Cajú. Note: Meals and Tours/Activities are optional and not included in the service. (OBS: Only breakfast is included)

Day 5 – After breakfast, there will be a transport by boat, again through the river delta, to the town of Paraniba. The time will be set locally; maybe we will have lunch before we go. If we go in the morning, there might be time for a light city tour in the pleasant small town of Parnaiba, in the state of Piaui (This City Tour is Not included). After the arrival to Parnaíba, we go by car (Toyota 4x4) to Jericoacoara (3hours trp). Accommodation at chosen guest house in Jericoacoara, incl breakfast.

Day 6 – The day is "free", but one suggestion could be a walk to “Pedra Furada”, and then back to the village of Jericoacoara to enjoy the sunset from the enormous and characteristic sand dune, formed as a moon. In the evening, dinner at some of many nice restaurants and finish the night dancing the local dance “Forró”. Accommodation at chosen guest house in Jericoacoara, incl breakfast. (No other meals are included).

Day 7 – This day could be set for a full day tour by beach buggy to the regions extremely beautiful lakes. Here we can enjoy the lake’s sand beaches, swim in sweet water, eat and drink something good. In the evening, why not try another charming bar and restaurant in Jericoacoara. Accommodation including breakfast. (No other meals are included).

Day 8 – After breakfast, time to continue to Fortaleza (OBS: The transport Jericoacoara > Fortaleza is NOT included in this program). There are several ways to go: 1) Go by "Jeep" along the beaches, which takes one full day, 2) Go by buss or Van which takes 5 to 7 hours, or 3) Go by air, which takes slightly more than one hour. Another option could be to stay some more nights in Jericoacoara. Consult Packtours.

The national park of Lenóis Maranhenses is a unique phenomenon in the nature, the only desert in the world with thousands of small lakes. It is located in the North of Brazil, in the state of Maranhão, with São Luis as transfer city. The park has an extension of more than 100 km and is 50 km wide. The dunes seem to not have an end, and between each dune of white sand, there are sweet water lakes of different sizes. The crystal clear water has various colors that vary from clear green to more dark blue - just amazing.

There are two ways of discovering the park, by air and by jeep, and it's recommended to do both. It is just great to walk in the park, from one dune to another and take a fresh bath in some of the lakes, listen to the silence and enjoy the contrasts of colors. This is a unique experience, to see a landscape with no comparison in the world. It is possible to visit the park the whole year. The rain season starts in January and fill up the "dry" lakes, and around May ends the rains. June to September is the best period to visit, when the summer starts and the lakes are full of water and it's sunny with a warm breeze from the sea. It is quite a lot of water already in April whereof you can visit the region, but it might not be so sunny. By the end of the year (end of October & November) it comes a bit windier and the lakes start to be dry again.