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Lençóis de Maranheses - 3 Night-Package

Departures on Fridays:

Day 1: You may have been in São Luis over the night, because this tour to Lençóis Maranhenses starts early in the morning. We depart São Luis in the morning by air, going to the village of Barrerinhas. On the way you will fly over the national park of Lençóis Maranhenses, and you will experience an amazing view of the sand desert with small blue/green lakes between each sand dune. The flight takes 45min. Upon arrival in Barrerinhas – check-in and 3 nights of accommodation at chosen guest house, with breakfast and tax included. Later, the same day, you will return into the national park by four-wheel driven land veichle, visiting several of the small lakes with possibility for a bath.

Day 2: A full day tour by boat on the river of Rio Preguiça. The boat tour goes until the "end", where the river goes into the sea. You will make several stops where you will be able to walk and visit places like: Alazão, Vassouras, Mandacaru & Caburé. It is also possible to experience one night in Caburé, accomodated in a guesthouse, situated on the narrow peninsula, between the river and the sea. But in this program we return to Barreirinhas for another night.

Day 3: After breakfast, about 08:00, we go for a full day tour by Toyota (4x4) to Atins and the Lake of Luzia. Accommodation at the guest house in Barreirinhas.

Day 4: After breakfast, a transport back to the airfield in Barrerinhas, and then by air back to Sao Luis airport, end of the service.


The national park of Lenóis Maranhenses is a unique phenomenon in the nature, the only desert in the world with thousands of small lakes. It is located in the North of Brazil, in the state of Maranhão, with São Luis as transfer city. The park has an extension of more than 100 km and is 50 km wide. The dunes seem to not have an end, and between each dune of white sand, there are sweet water lakes of different sizes. The crystal clear water has various colors that vary from clear green to more dark blue - just amazing. There are two ways of discovering the park, by air and by jeep, and it's recommended to do both. It is just great to walk in the park, from one dune to another and take a fresh bath in some of the lakes, listen to the silence and enjoy the contrasts of colors. This is a unique experience, to see a landscape with no comparison in the world. It is possible to visit the park the whole year. The rain season starts in January and fill up the "dry" lakes, and around May ends the rains. June to September is the best period to visit, when the summer starts and the lakes are full of water and it's sunny with a warm breeze from the sea. It is quite a lot of water already in April whereof you can visit the region, but it might not be so sunny. By the end of the year (end of October & November) it comes a bit windier and the lakes start to be dry again.