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City Tour - The best of Brasilia

The tour “Best of Brasilia” takes 3-hours and can start at “any” time as long as it is a private service. During this tour you pass through the city, visiting among other things, the Sanctuary of Dom Bosco Church (inside visit, it is a blue colored modern church), the Observatory at the TV Tower (visit at the top of the tower to see the panoramic view of the city), the Memorial JK (NO admission fee is included of inside visit. JK = Juscelino Kubitscheck - the president that realized the dream of to move the Brazilian Capital to Brasilia. His mausoleum, remnants and a part of Brasilia’s history is there), the Church of Our Lady of Fatima (inside visit, the first inaugurated building in Brasilia), the main Cathedral (inside visit, one of the city's picture postcard), the fabulous acoustic hall "Concha acustica" and other project of Mr Neimeyer in the Military Sector, the Alvorada Palace - the presidents palace, and the square of Three Powers: the Planalto Palace, the Federal Supreme Court, and the National Congress. This tour can be added a lunch, then the tour may take 4,5-hours.