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Folkloric Show with Dinner in Salvador
Capoeira, Candomble, Slave costumes, etc

We will have a dinner at a restaurant, situated in an old place where slaves once were housed. There they serve local and typical dishes. In this interesting atmosphere we will experience a folkloric show. They will present “Orixás” the main god from Salvador’s famous religion, Candomblé. Through the dances and music we will also know the god of Yorubás and its colorful clothes. The spectacle continues with music of some fishermen, and Maculelê, a war dance from Africa. Later they will show the famous “Capoeira”, kind of combat dance introduced by Brazilian slaves with origin from Africa. At the end of the show, they will also show traditional rhythms from Bahia, like Samba, and at the very end the spectators can also participate in the dances. The tour takes 03 hours.