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The Best Trekking in Brazil

Suggestion to "SHORT STAY" in Chapada Diamantina:

* Flight (Salvador / Lencois / Salvador) 1-hour trip.
We have options by coach, which takes approx 6-hours one way.

* Stay at chosen hotel; see options below:
* Welcome & guided walk in the village of Lençois.
* 14km trekking to Sossego Waterfall, incl lunch
* Day tour by car, 160km & 4km trekking & visits of Gruta Azul, Pratinha, Lapa Doce, & Morro do Pai Inacio. Local English speaking guides.

* Alternative activities/programs - see links to the left:

NOTE: Send us your inquiry (itinerary with dates of your entire journey to Brazil), then we will send you a proposal free of charge, according to the frames you give to us.
>>> Consult package prices according to your needs & desires <<<
Accommodation Place Standard Meal Room/Type Price
Villa Serrano Lencois TOURIST Breakfast Standard Consult..!
Hotel de Lençóis Lencois TOURIST Breakfast Standard Consult..!
Canto das Aguas Lencois COMFORT Breakfast Standard Consult..!
Portal de Lençóis Lencois SUPERIOR Breakfast Standard Consult..!

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Lençois lies a six-hour bus ride from Salvador, in a gorgeous, wooded mountain region – the Chapada Diamantina – an oasis of green in the dusty Sertão. You’ll find solitude, small towns steeped in the history and superstition of the “Garimperious” (prospectors), and great hiking to peaks, waterfalls and rivers. If you want to see something different, and have time for only one excursion into the North Eastern interior, this is the one. To move around you do on foot or by jeep. Some sights are remote from the main entry of Chapada Diamantina, Lençois, and therefore you may stay over the night in the mountains.

Some attractions: Trek to Sossego Waterfall – tracing the Ribeirão River to one of the most impressive waterfalls in the region with great swimming opportunities along the way, including the exhilarating Riberão de Meio, a natural waterslide. Poço Encantado – is an underground lake, which is clear blue and stunningly beautiful, considered by locals the 8th wonder of the world. Igatú – a ghost town, miners abandoned this once prosperous town when the diamond veins dried up. Trek to Vale do Capão – perhaps the most beautiful valley in the whole Chapada Diamantina National Park. Trek to Smoke Waterfall – is the tallest free-fall waterfall in Brazil, with a sheer drop of 422 meters. The path to the falls offers tremendous views of the mountains and valleys and, depending on the time of the year, many spices of bromeliads, orchids and other flowering plants are to be seen along the way.

Sights to visit, see map below:
1) Morro do Pai Inácio
2) Poço Encantado
3) Rio Lençóis / Serrano
4) Gruta Lapa Doce
5) Cachoeira da Fumaça
6) Gruta Azul, Gruta e Lagoa Pratinha
7) Poço do Diabo (Rio Mugugesinho)
8) Poço Azul
9) Vale do Pati
10) Ruínas de Igatu
11) Projeto sempre viva – Cachoeira Tiburtino
12) Gruta do Lapão
13) Cachoeira do Sossego (com Ribeirão do Meio)
14) Marimbus
15) Rio Roncador (cachoeira)
16) Estrada do Garimpo
17) Gruta Torrinha
18) Cemitrio Bizantino