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Eco Tourism in Bahia, Brazil

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The peninsula of Marau is situated in the south of the state Bahia, between the city of Salvador and Ilhues (Itacare). The name Marau comes from an Indian tribe, named "Mayrahú", that means “the light of the sunrise”. In 1761 was the village of Marau founded, but not before 1938 was the municipal of Marau created. In the region there are about 40km of desert beaches, coral reefs with natural formed swimming pools, vast coconut tree forest, waterfalls, lakes, islands and swamp areas covered with mangroves. All this together makes the region to a paradise for nature lovers and eco tourists.

The local population is quite small and the live mainly on cultivation of rubber trees, (Dende) African oil palm, clove, cacao, guarana fruit and pepper. There are a moderate numbers of tourists as well, so handicrafts, mainly made by wood, palm fibers and coconuts are important too. Also fishing is an important source of revenue for locals.

To visit this region, you can besides enjoying the rare beautiful and almost untouched coast landscape, experience paths for trekking, mountain bike and off-road. Further one can make snorkeling among colorful fish in the natural formed swimming pools, scuba diving, canoe ride in the lake, river rafting and tours by boat in Brazil’s third biggest bay, the bay of Camamu.

Some highlights: Lagoa do Cassange (lake) has an extension of 6km with black water, surrounded by white sand beaches, a beautiful contrast. It is an ideal place for a peaceful tour by canoe. The Veneza waterfall, more know as Tremembé (name of the nearest village). The 30m wide waterfall is surrounded by Atlantic rainforest, and its height of 5m, is one of few waterfalls in Brazil that enter directly in the ocean.

When to go: The climate is considered as humid tropical climate. The annual average temperature is 25°C and the rainiest period is from April to July.

The access to the peninsula is a part of the adventure. The main access might be by car from Ilhues airport to Camamu, then boat to Barra Grande, then off-road to chosen hotel. Another option is a flight by a small aircraft from Salvador airport to Barra Grande. A third option can be by car from Ilhues, with a stop with overnight in the village of Itacare, then continue by Jeep (off-road) from Itacare along the beaches of the peninsula, until you reach chosen hotel. The village of Barra Grande has become as one of the most important entry of the peninsula, because of its port and airport.