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Survival "III" in the Amazon Jungle - 3 nights
Day 1) About 08:00 we leave our hotel in Manaus and take a boat from the Ceasa Port in Manaus City to the other side of the Amazon River and the village of Cacau Pireira. From here we get a land transport to a camping site, with a very rustic style, similar to houses of Cabocolos (Native people, a mix of White man and Indian). Here we have lunch and then we make a tour by canoe into flooded rainforest area named “|garapes & Igapos”. We will try to fish Piranhas as well, the red meet eating fish. Overnight at the camping and make planning for the next days which we will spend like Indians in the jungle, sleeping under open sky.

Day 2) We have breakfast in the daybreak and then will we make a jungle trek in the jungle. It is now the “real” adventure may start, when we will experience how to survive in the jungle. We will learn how to live as the Indians do in the region, using natural products and objects to make a shelter for the night. We will use branches and leafs from palm trees and banana plants to protect from rain. NOTE: Next nights we will sleep in hammocks and mosquito is net already included in the package. In this area we have great chances to see a lot of wild animals, and even if it is very difficult to see a Jaguar (especially during a short visit like this), but we might have the luck in this region.

Day 3) Breakfast and we have several options of jungle treks. During our circulation in the jungle, we will learn a lot about local fauna & flora, medicine plants, observe birds and wild life. To be in the middle of the world’s biggest connected jungle, we should not forget, neither a good camera nor binoculars – because here will be many good shots.

Day 4) Breakfast and walk back to our “base” where we started. Here we have lunch and take the boat back to back to Manaus City. We are supposed to arrive downtown or the airport about 19:00.

NOTE: In this program all transports and guided service are included. Also all food stuff, tropical fruits and facilities for accommodation in the jungle are included.