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 Day by Day Program

Discover the Amazon Jungle

Suggestion of stay / travel service in the JUNGLE:
* Boat/Car Transfers (Manaus/LODGE/Manaus)
* Stay at the JUMA Jungle Lodge;
* Full board & loding (breakfast, lunch & dinner)
* Guided tours/activities in the jungle (see program);
* NOTE: You may need to stay in Manaus City the first night..!

NOTE: Send us your inquiry (itinerary with dates of your entire journey to Brazil), then we will send you a proposal free of charge, according to the frames you give to us.
>>> Consult package prices according to your needs & desires <<<
Accommodation Place Standard Meal Room/Type Price
Lake Juma
3,5h by boat
Full Board
All information in this page is subject to alteration without previous notice. Remember that availability and prices will only be guaranteed in the confirmation of a requested booking.
For more details of purchases, please read CONDTIONS.
Juma Jungle Lodge is located 100km (62 miles) south of Manaus City and can be reached through two ways. Dry season: paved road by air-conditioned vans and through the river with comfortable high-speed motor boats. Flood season: direct from Manaus with comfortable high-speed motor boats. In both seasons the whole trip takes two and a half hours. The trip can also be made by a hydroplane (25 minutes) upon request.

The Juma region is remote and relatively untouched. It is a “flooded forest” environment, with low jungle seasonally flooded by the rising river. Like the Negro, it is also a “black water” system, making for minimal mosquito problems.

At the hotel is a buffet-style restaurant with good option of regional food. The dining area is a circular “moluca” structure also on stilts, and the tables (and benches) are long and curved, creatively carved out of a light, blond wood. The reception building has two floors, with reception on the bottom and a lounge area on top. Both floors have floor-to-ceiling screens and are minimally decorated (hammocks, some nice lounge chars) but are distinguished by beautiful polished wood floors.

There are 05 bungalows, offering a total of 08 guest rooms, accommodating maximum three guests in each accommodation. All rooms are equipped with private bathroom, fan, balcony and optional a mini-fridge. The lodge is built on solid ground, over stilts, facing the silent waters of the Juma River. With roofs covered by dry tree leaves of Babaçu, and row materials used in its construction, abundant in the region, have been carefully extracted of the proper forest.