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Why to book the travel within Brazil at Packtours?
There are a number of advantages to book the travel at Packtours:

Convenient to book – everything in one place: Do you speak Portuguese and have time & money to make phone calls, send fax or mail, to ALL hotels and transfer/tour companies you may need to book in all towns you intend to visit? At Packtours you have access to the entire Brazil in one place. Here you can book most hotels, transfer & tour services and of course you will have access our special trained bilingual guides. You will have contact with one of our English speaking travel consultants, since you have filled in the Internet inquiry form until you have returned home after your trip to Brazil.

Know-how about Brazil: Do you believe that a local based tourist guide / agent knows more about i.e. Rio de Janeiro, than a travel agent based in the US or in Europe that may also sell travel services to other parts of the world than Brazil? However, Packtours is based in Brazil and specialized in leisure travel within Brazil. We have skillful staff in all places of interest and our team can attend you & provide with all kind of information/advice you may need; before, during and after your travel to Brazil.

Advantageous Package Prices: Do you think it will be cheaper to book directly at the hotels you have chosen? As Packtours is a big tour operator on the local Brazilian market, we have special agreements / discounts at hotels and other suppliers of travel & tourism. This means that our prices are the same or often better than if you book directly at a single hotel. Besides that, we have a regressive price setting, which means that i.e. one or two hotel nights might cost more, in the proportion to book a complete package including hotel nights, airport transfers and some tours. Our business is to sell a certain volume of travel service or package tours, that’s why the name Packtours.

Culture understandings / divergences: Do you think that everyone in the world think equal, have the same preferences, independent on their nationality, religious background, etc? Packtours travel consultants are set up of a multinational team; our attendants have different backgrounds, nationalities, etc to able a better understanding and interpretations of our clients’ desires and requirements. The attendants are experienced and get soon the feeling of what kind of travel program will fit for you and your friends.

Customized travel programs: Packtours has several travel programs waiting for you, but maybe you have already been in Brazil and visited some of the places we have included in the programs, or you of some other reason won’t visit certain places, then we can adapt the travel according to your needs. One may have respect for a big continental country like Brazil; few countries in the world have domestic flights that last for more than four hours. This may show that Brazil has much more to visit and experience than i.e. Rio de Janeiro, and Packtours provides services in more than 30 places, where you can choose from the “buffet” what ever you want. We join easily the places of interest and arrange the travel in the way You want, considering your budget and other preferences of hotel standard, etc.

Easy, Fast & Secure to Pay: Packtours won’t say which is “the best” way to pay booked travel service, as each client may have its preference. However, we provide with several ways of payments, trying to please most clients. The most traditional way might be an international bank transaction, sometimes called; wire transfer, SWIFT or IBAN transaction. For those with bank account in Brazil, we accept national bank deposits as well. The newest and fastest way of payment is credit card payment on the Internet. For the present we accept VISA and MasterCard and this system is administrated, controlled and guaranteed by “Verified by VISA” & “MasterCard SecureCode”.

Objective & Reliable: Do you talk bad about yourself? Another advantage to book via Packtours is that you will get more objective and reliable information about the hotels and other services, as we represent more than one single supplier/hotel. We can provide quite neutral information about the hotels, so you can fairly compare one hotel with another. Packtours want that you can correctly choose the price and standard level of tourism service, without getting higher expectations than can delivered. Further, Packtours is associated and controlled by EMBRATUR, which is Brazil’s Ministry of Travel & Tourism, our association number is: SP-10-03.333.099.0001.31.

Easy to talk to us: As soon as you have filled in and sent us the Internet inquiry form, with all the details of your travel plan, you will receive a first draft of a proposal, according to the outline you give. Then you will get in touch with one private travel consultant. Besides the consultant’s private e-mail address, you will get her or his SKYPE & MSN Messenger address as well. It is going to be a pleasure to open a dialogue with you, so send us your request right now.

Short history about Packtours: Packtours is a tour operator / travel agency that were founded in 1999, in São Paulo. The head office is today situated on the 5th floor, at the famous Avenue Ibirapuera, nº 2.907, in Moema, Sao Paulo City, just beside the shopping mall Ibirapuera. The main business idea is to provide customized leisure travels within Brazil, not only to travel companies, but also to other organizations, groups and end customers through the web page. The name Packtours has its origin from providing customized package tours and the benefits are many as shown above. Our objective is that the travels our customers fulfill will be pleasant and unforgettable experiences.

You are welcome to send us your request through Packtours website